Course Information


Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management course is designed to educate graduates who shall eventually pursue a career in the dynamic hospitality and tourism industry.

The course equips students with hospitality and food & beverage operations management knowledge, which enables them to enhance and extend their existing knowledge and expertise by focusing on the critical areas of success in the hospitality and tourism industry.

This is a 12-month course, with 6 modules conducted over 6 months in-class theory and practical class, and followed by another module as a 6-month compulsory internship. Each term consists of 5 study weeks, 1 assessment week and 1 break week.

Upon completion of 3 terms, students will be placed into a 6-month compulsory Internship.

The programme is conducted on a face-to-face basis. Classes are conducted on Monday to Friday between 9a.m. to 6p.m. Students will attend lectures, tutorial and practical classes. Class size is kept to not more than 20 students for practical classes and a maximum of 66 students for lecture classes.

Upon passing all the modules in the course and finishing the 6-month compulsory Internship, students will be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

6 months in-class theory and practical classes plus 6 months internship*

The modules include:

  1. Managerial Accounting
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Strategic Management
  4. Food and Beverage Operations and Management (with practical components)
  5. Hotel Management and Operations (with practical components)
  6. Contemporary Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  7. Internship

Students are assessed with a mixture of continuous assessments throughout each term in the form of case studies, discussions, presentations, group and individual assignments, and theory tests.

In the event a student fails a module, the student will be given a chance to take a supplementary paper. Failing a supplementary paper will result in the student having to retake the module again. In repeating the term, students will only be required to take the modules he/she has failed.

  • Applicants must be at least 19 years old by 31 December in the year of enrolment.
  • All applications are subject to SHRM College’s assessment of eligibility for entry into the programme.

  • IELTS score of 6.0
  • An equivalent English Language qualification

Applicants who do not meet the above English language requirements will have to undergo the SHRM English Placement Test. Based on the table below, you may be required to take the Preparatory English Language Programme.