why choose shrm

full hospitality training facilities

Students are trained in well-equipped facilities, such as training restaurants and training kitchens, and with equipment and software like the Property Management System for front office operations. The facilities simulate a real-life hospitality environment for training.

Curriculum Similar to Swiss Hotel School

Our comprehensive curriculum is similar to those of the world-renowned Swiss Hotel Schools. The curriculum is hands-on and application-based, covering all operational aspects of the hospitality industry from food and beverage management to culinary skills to rooms division management. Students will also learn fundamental and specialist business management skills applicable to the hospitality industry.​

complete pathway to degree

SHRM provides a complete pathway to a degree programme designed for the hospitality industry. It is one of few institutions in Singapore that partners with a foreign University to offer a final year specialist degree in hospitality.

Fostering Personal Development to Create Future Leaders​

SHRM believes in nurturing young people into individuals for the future leadership of the hospitality industry. Learning in the classroom environment is insufficient for character building and personal enrichment. Hence, SHRM constantly reinforces its programmes with etiquette training and other enrichment activities.

Strong industry links

SHRM’s strong industry links and the quality of its programmes ensure marketability of our students as they are armed with the latest developments in the hospitality industry. Senior Executives from the industry are invited to visit our western fine dining training restaurant on campus to sample cuisines prepared and served by the students. Students further benefit from experience-sharing sessions with industry experts and study tours to hotels, resorts and fine dining establishments.