dispute resolution

Resolution Process to Student Grieviances

Dispute Resolution Policy

1.1. All students who want to request a refund are to fill in the Refund Request Form. The student is to fill up all necessary details as stated in the form and attach any supporting documentation / evidence (if any) are required to process the refund request. Reasons for request must be clearly indicated on the form.

1.2. Upon receipt of any Refund Request Form, Registrar will acknowledge the receipt of the refund request by signing on the form. This will be done within 3 working days upon receipt of the form.

2.1. Registrar will check to ensure that the student has a valid Standard Student Contract.

2.2. Registrar will check all required documents and work out the refund amount based on the refund policy and will indicate the computation on the Refund Request Form.

2.3. If the student is eligible for a refund, the Finance Executive will prepare the Cheque / Cash. The Registrar will inform the student to collect the Cheque and Cash. All eligible disbursement must be done within 7 working days of receipt request.

  • Student is to sign on the Refund Request Form to acknowledge the refund computation and that Cheque / Cash is collected.

2.4. If the student is not eligible for a refund, the Registrar will issue a formal letter of no refund to inform the student of the outcome.

  • If the student wishes to appeal, he/she shall write an official letter stating the reasons and submit it to the CEO within 1 working day of refund outcome.
  1.  If Appeal is successful, the Registrar will proceed with the Refund Process.
  2.  If Appeal is unsuccessful and the student is unhappy or in the event of any disputes, the Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure will apply.

Feedback / Complaint / Dispute Resolution Procedure

  1. Students / Stakeholders will have to fill in the Feedback Form for any feedback / complaint.
  2. Registrar will acknowledge any feedback / complaints received within 3 working days.
  3. Registrar will review the feedback / complaint and discuss it with relevant departments.
  4. Solutions will be proposed, and Registrar will explain it to the student clearly.
  5. Student to acknowledge the outcome within 7 working days from date of submission of feedback / complaint if he / she accepts the proposed solution.
  6. Should the student not be satisfied, the CEO (for non-academic issues) or Academic Director (for academic issues) will investigate the matter and inform the student of the outcome within 14 working days.
  7. Should the student not be satisfied with the resolution, SHRM will refer the student to SMC or SIArb within 21 working days of receipt of feedback / complaint.