Your Learning journey. We care.

SHRM College provides personal support services targeting the needs of international students who choose to study with us in Singapore. We understand the stress involved when students relocate to pursue their studies. We at SHRM, aim to make this experience less stressful so that students can enjoy their learning experience and adapt smoothly to their new environment.

As part of a student’s learning experience with us, it is important to make arrangements for suitable accommodation prior to the student arriving in Singapore. Our staff will be able to assist students to make arrangements at various student hostels. Our staff will also be able to advise students on the current rental rates and what to look out for when renting a place.

Upon reporting to school, the student is required to complete their admission formalities. Once that is complete, the student will also be brought for their medical check-up if applicable.

Our staff will bring the students to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) to complete their Student’s Pass formalities.

a.) Orientation Day
After the administrative formalities are completed, the student would only need to report to school on their orientation day. On this day, the students would have to attend a briefing so that the students can have a better understanding of their study programme and obtain more information on the college and Singapore. Once the orientation briefing is over, the student will have their fingerprints recorded for their daily attendance at school and given their uniforms and IPAD mini if required for their course of study.

The orientation programme for new students is a process of transformation whereby a new student is initiated into the culture at SHRM.  In the initial orientation session conducted during the first week of the new term, new students are briefed on:

  1. Vision, Mission, culture and values of SHRM
  2. The SHRM-ian Family (Organisation Chart)
  3. The approach to a successful academic and professional career
  4. Details of Courses and academic policies
  5. Assessment policy
  6. Academic progression
  7. Career progression
  8. Attendance policy
  9. Course deferment
  10. Transfer & Withdrawal Policy
  11. Expulsions
  12. Personal grooming and uniform
  13. Discipline and personal development
  14. Medical insurance and healthcare
  15. Fee protection scheme
  16. Student grievance procedure and dispute resolution
  17. Singapore laws
  18. Student’s Pass

b.) Activities for New Students
The college will organize activities such as Beachside BBQ, Movie Dates or Buffet Lunch to give new students an opportunity to meet their fellow coursemates.

The college provides assistance to students who require to do medical check-up, wish to apply for a phone line, internet or open a bank account. The college will also provide food and transportation guidance to students so that it will be easier for them to move around.

During the period of study, students who require further assistance can approach the Academic Division staff, their respective mentors or lecturers. In a situation where they need pastoral care, the college would also arrange for them to consult a psychologist.

If students need any letter from the school to verify that they are an existing student of the school or for any other official matters, they can request it from the Academic Division.

Provide easy access to students who need help as and when required. 24/7 Hotline: +65 97240377

We want all our students to be successful in their studies and eventually, career. As part of a student’s educational experience with SHRM, students will be assigned lecturers as their mentors upon commencement of their course. The mentors will advice students on issues they may face during their course of study with us. The mentors will meet students at least once every term to discuss students’ progress in their course.