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Course Duration: 25 hours

Up to 70% SkillsFuture Funding

This module will enable learners to be equipped with leadership skills where they can better deal with tough situations. It will also allow the learners to guide and provide guidance to new staff who may enter the team in the future. At the end of the course, learners can propose suitable suggestion with regards to the the management of team.


The learning objective of this training programme is for learners to facilitate positive working relationships within team, and create an open and inclusive culture, to build a strong team in the F&B industry. He/she will be able to utilize methods to monitor the performance of self and team to promote a customer-centric culture in the organisation. 

  1.  Learners will be able to demonstrate / role model organisation’s vision, mission and values.
  2. Learners will be able to apply methods to encourage a team to deliver service and promote customer-centric culture to achieve service excellence.
  3. Learners will be able to utilize methods to monitor performance of self and team to promote a customer centric culture.

Applicants who are working in Food Service Industry who requires leadership skills.

Mode of Delivery
  • Synchronous – Online Class
  • Asynchronous – eLearning
  • Assessment
  • Synchronous: 17 hours
  • Asynchronous: 5 hours
  • Assessment : 2 hours
  • Total Hours: 24 hours
  • No Formal Qualification & Lower Primary
  • Able to speak, listen, read and write English at a proficiency level not lower than the Employability Skills WSQ Level 2 Workplace Literacy (WPL)
  • Positive Learning Attitude



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