bakery production

Bakery Production 2



Course Duration: 36 hours

Up to 70% SkillsFuture Funding

After the completion of this course, learners will be able to perform the baking of bread

This module focuses on the basic techniques and methods of bread dough production, fillings and toppings for bread products. The trainee will be able to produce varieties of bread products such as soft rolls and hard rolls, croissants and Danish.

  1. Learners will be able to prepare the dough using the basic principles of baking.
  2. Learners will be able to bake proofed dough using the ingredients.
  3. Learners will be able to prepare fillings and toppings for bread products.
  4. Learners will be able to apply different bread processing methods.

Applicants planning to work in the bakery industry or currently working in the baking sector seeking upskilling. 

Mode of Delivery
  • Practical
  • Classroom
  • eLearning
  • Assessment
  • Practical: 17 hours
  • Classroom: 8 hours
  • eLearning : 8 hours
  • Assessment: 3 hours
  • Total Hours: 36 hours
  • Minimum 2 GCE ‘O’ Level (Grade 1-8) in any two subjects or
  • Minimum 3 GCE ‘N’ Level (Grade A-N or Grade 1-5) in English Language and two other subjects or
  • Minimum Workplace Literary (WPL) Level 5 in Speaking and Listening and Level 4 in Reading, Writing and Numeracy.



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