Training isn’t just important to employers, it is vital. The first and foremost benefit that both employers and employees will realise in training is that employees develop skill-sets that allow them to take up a greater variety of work.

Managing a restaurant successfully is heavily dependent on the restaurant manager‘s management ability. It is the restaurant manager who sets the right standard in customer service, keeps the restaurant organized, implements effective recruitment policies, and maintains hygiene control procedures. By performing these daily duties in the limelight, the restaurant manager carries the responsibilities of maintaining the restaurant’s revenue, profitability and quality goals.

To achieve this, all your staff need is to have strategic management skills to steer the restaurant in the right direction. Besides that, they need organizational skills to effectively handle day-to-day running of the restaurant. On top of this, they are also involved in developing marketing campaigns to attract new customers, to name a few.

With the recent news on the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for Food Service Sector that will take effect from March 2023. Employers can also leverage on SHRM curated WSQ modular courses to meet the training requirement

Employers will be given a grace period to comply with the food services PWM training requirements:

  • For new hires: six months from the new hire’s date of employment
  • For existing employees: up till 29 February 2024 (one year from the food services PWM implementation on 1 March 2023)
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